Castellari Loppers

Castellari Loppers
If and when the pivot bolts on your Castellari Lopper are replaced, it is recommended to rub a small amount of loc-tite onto the thread of the bolt. This will secure the bolt in place once screwed into the locking nut or bush.

Note - the T3 bolt is the only bolt that should be used with the bush.

It is also recommended to mark the bolts (especially the T2 and T3 bolts) before you disassemble anything for replacement, so there is no mix up when putting the lopper back together.

For regular users, we also suggest the bushes are replaced once per season, and keep them lubricated with white lithium grease.

Sharpening the blades must also be done on a regular basis to ensure the tool works at its optimum level. These blades are an anvil operation, and therefore need to be sharpened on both sides, following the bevel (angle) with a fine or medium grit file.

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