TABLE NOCO - Fine Teeth Professional

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    The SILKY TABLE NOCO saw has a curved curved blade which allows you to comfortably cut on flat surfaces. The semi-circular sawing motion replaces the linear motion, and the slightly curved handle allows the hand to clear the workbench easily. The relatively short blade and the position of the handle allows the user to access the more "hard to reach" spots.


    • Blade Length - 180mm
    • Non-set tooth design - taper ground blade designed to reduce resistance giving a smoother, easier and faster cutting performance
    • Impulse hardened teeth - heated instantly and hardened, designed to stay sharper three times longer than non-hardened teeth
    • Non-slip molded rubber handle that really sticks in your hands
    • Exceptional strength and balance
    • Superior quality finish
    • Made in Japan
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty
    • For more information on Silky Saw technology and teeth configurations - click here


    Please contact us to discuss spare parts for the Silky Table Nono on

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