Industrial Cutters

Industrial Cutters
In 1923, company founder Walther Schröder made his pioneering invention and the first anvil hand cutters in the world were developed by LOWE. Their cutters are used by professionals in viticulture, fruit growing and horticulture, as well as for the widest range of applications in the industry and trade sectors.

Now in its third generation, today the company offers a large range of anvil and bypass cutters under the brand "Original LOWE", and is always in the process of expanding its range with new models. The experiences and suggestions of users are also incorporated into the development process of their cutters - LOWE cutters, tailored to the needs of their customers.

From the classic anvil cutter without stop faces, to the mitre cutter, right up to technically complex cutters for sealing profiles or hoses, you will find the right LOWE cutter suitable for any application. And only high-quality tools can fulfill the demands, which the professional user makes on their working tool, so all components of the LOWE cutters can be replaced if required. Many of the LOWE cutter models are also optionally available with lever transmission for additional power to assist in cutting harder materials.

SILEX Tools imports the LOWE industrial product range with applications in a significant number of trade and industry sectors. Be it for cutting wood, rubber or plastic, the LOWE cutters for industry and trade can be used for many materials softer than metal, and are suited to the most varied range of requirements.

Today there is hardly a country in the world where an original LOWE cutter is not used. 
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