Video Resources

Silky Store NZ has put together a series of videos, designed to help you with our range of tools, from 'how to's' to 'benefits of' videos. Simply click on any link below and enjoy looking through these. And if there's something you're not sure about or think would make a good video to add to the collection, please just let us know.

Silky Store Promo Video

1. What We Do

"How To" Videos

1. How to change a Silky Folding Saw blade

2. How to change a Silky Sheath Saw blade

3. How to change a Silky Tsurugi Saw hand grip

4. How to convert a Silky Zubat Pole Saw to a Hand Saw

5. How to cut with a Silky Saw

6. How to sharpen Secateurs, Snips, Hedge Shears and Loppers 

 "Benefits Of" Videos

1. The Benefits Of a Silky Saw Sheath

2. The Benefits Of a Silky Yoki Machete and Silky Ono Axe

"Tools for Life" Videos


Silky Carpentry Saws

3. Tadafusa and Marmalade

"Knife" Videos

Tadafusa Knives

Testimonial Videos

If you're also interested in finding out what some of our customers think about our products and services, CLICK HERE to view.