Lowe Industrial Cutters New Zealand


In 1923, the first anvil hand cutters in the world were developed by LÖWE, and today there is hardly a country in the world where an original LÖWE cutter is not used. We directly import the LÖWE industrial product range with applications in a significant number of trade and industry sectors. Be it for cutting wood, rubber or plastic, the LÖWE cutters for industry and trade can be used for many materials softer than metal, and are suited to the most varied range of requirements. Many of the LÖWE cutter models are also optionally available with lever transmission for additional power to assist in cutting harder materials. This leverage option is signified by the letters HU in the product name.

From the classic anvil cutter without stop faces, to the mitre cutter, right up to technically complex cutters for sealing profiles or hoses, you will find the right LÖWE cutter suitable for any application. 

To find out more about the history of Lowe, click here.

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