Product User Guides

While experience is a valuable tool, so too is the tool you've purchased from Silky Store NZ. There are many different techniques used when handling a tool, and although we're confident you know how to use yours... it's important that you use the right one for the right job.

For many of the tools we sell, there are specific techniques for their use. So we've 
put together a series of product user guides designed to allow you to get the most from your tool. These guides are downloadable PDF files, so feel free to print them out for future reference. And if you have any further questions - just ask.

- Silky Saws
- Silky Extension Pole Saws
- Silky Yoki Machete
- Silky Ono Axe

- Okatsune Snips
- Okatsune Secateurs
- Okatsune Hedge Shears
- Okatsune Sickle
- Okatsune Sharpening Stone

- Castellari Loppers
- Castellari Secateurs
- Castellari Sharpening Stone

- Maruyoshi Flax Cutter
- Maruyoshi Short Handle Grubber
- Maruyoshi Long Handle Grubber
- Maruyoshi Hori Hori (digging knife)

- Refer to the individual type of Industrial Cutter in the complete Lowe Range

- Tripod Ladders

- Tadafusa Kitchen Knives

Eze Lap Sharpener:
- Diamond Sharpener

Sintung Lopper Head:
- Lopper Head

Super Togeru Knife Sharpening Guide:
- Guide

Camellia Oil:
- Tool Maintenance Oil
- 100% Pure Oil (for skin, hair and food safe)

For any further information on the tool you have, please contact