Curve Blade or Straight Blade

Curve Blade or Straight Blade
Which is better - curve or straight? 

​It’s pretty easy. Neither... and both. 

A curved blade will cut faster than a straight blade because the natural curve of the blade will bite into the wood at the toe end of the cut as you pull the blade towards you, slightly increasing the cut speed. 
A curved blade is also advantageous when you’re cutting above your head. The blade will stay in the cut more easily and again the curve will naturally assist cut speed. And for these reasons... all Silky Extension Polesaw blades are curved.

However, straight blades have been the traditional choice of Arborists and Orchardists as they are a better choice for undercutting and are slightly easier to get into tight spaces.

In the end though, it all comes down to personal choice. It's like the age old argument of Ford v Holden. You'll never convince everybody which one is better or which one they should use - but they all enjoy the benefits of working with a high performance tool.