Sharpening Silky blades

Sharpening Silky blades

For most of us it is nearly impossible to recapture the original edge on our Silky Saw and therefore many people prefer to simply purchase a replacement blade.

Most Silky blades are impulse hardened (the teeth of the blades are heated instantly and hardened) and stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth. These blades are therefore incredibly difficult to sharpen. There are Saw Doctors around the country however that do have specialised machinery that may be able to sharpen these blades, but at a cost.

Some blades however are not impulse hardened, more commonly the larger teeth saws. In this website under the Silky Technology tab on each saw, if the 'Sharpenable' icon (above) appears, these saws can in fact be sharpened with a file. For these saw blades we recommend you use the specially designed Silky Feather Edge Sharpening File. This file is wedge shaped on both sides which allows you to get right in to the teeth of the blade.

Below you will find a list of the Silky Saws that are sharpenable and the angles on the teeth. We recommend professional users to start filing with the teeth at surface 1, the finish with the top surface 2. You should file along the angle several times for optimal results.

For the regular home user we feel it's sufficient to only sharpen the top surface 2.