The Silky Sheath

The Silky Sheath

What makes a Silky Sheath so good? Firstly, they're all made out of ultra strong lightweight plastic that is easy to carry around and virtually unbreakable.

All Silky sheath saw styles have their own unique sheath, designed to fit the shape of the saw whether it's a straight or curved blade, and they each have a list of benefits and advantages. Let's take a closer look. 

1. Each sheath comes with a detachable rubber belt clip (loop), which are now generic to every Silky sheath saw. These are strong and connected to the sheath by a hard moulded plastic attachment. They also swivel backwards and forwards to make it easier to remove the saw when actually connected to your belt. 

2. The curved sheaths have two sets of leg strap brackets for those users who like to have the saw fitted tightly for climbing purposes etc. The straight sheaths have a strap bracket on the back of the sheath.

3. All of the sheaths have an opening at the bottom to give any wood chips, saw dust, or other debris the opportunity to fall out and not clog up the actual sheath.

4. And one of the most unique features of a Silky sheath is the inside roller system. These rollers provide a smoother action when inserting the saw in the sheath from any angle, and they also act as a locking mechanism that prevents the saw from accidentally falling out.

Replacement sheaths for your Silky saw are always available, just visit our sheath spare parts page to find the correct one.