Lowe have been manufacturing anvil hand cutters since 1923 and have a straight forward design - they are characterised by practical details, maximum efficiency and extreme durability.

The steel used for Lowe cutter blades is made to the company's own specifications and the combination of the unique steel and hardening process gives the blades their unrivalled strength. The higher a blade is hardened, the sharper it can be ground, and Lowe blades are very hard and have a very sharp cutting edge.

There are styles suited to many different applications, however they all have these things in common...

1. Anvil cutters draw against a fixed base plate and the action is like a knife onto a chopping board.

2. The benefit of anvil cutters is power - requiring less strength to make a cut.

3. The blade on anvil cutters has a bevel on both sides (the angle along the length of the blade) and it is recommended that you sharpen that edge regularly to ensure you always get a clean cut.

4. Although the blades are made from the finest steel, they can still rust if not properly maintained.

5. We recommend you clean and oil the blades after use and then store them away in a moisture-free place.

For more information about looking after and using your Lowe cutters, refer to these great tips and hints...

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