The small and compact Silky Ono Axe is fantastic for clearing trails, cutting firewood, and using when hunting or in the outdoors. It is light enough to carry anywhere, while also being beautifully balanced and heavy enough to cut through the toughest of jobs.

The special Silky patented Genki Rubber hand grip is designed to reduce impact on your hands and absorbs the shock when cutting extremely well. The mono-constructed (one-piece) blade is designed to have no weak points and will keep its edge longer, even with continuous use, but can also be sharpened when necessary. And if you ever need a new the blade, the hand grip peels apart enabling you to remove and replace a new one easily.

The Silky Ono Axe is ideal for de-limbing or chopping and splitting wood, and is also great for splitting a carcass down the backbone. This handy tool is a must for any outdoor enthusiast.

Although this tool is made from the highest quality Japanese steel, if can still rust if not properly maintained. We recommend you clean the blade and tool after use and then store it away in the nylon carry pouch provided and keep in a moisture-free place.