If you are looking for the ultimate tool to attack multiple vegetation types, the Silky Yoki Machete should be at the top of your list. For avid hunters and hikers, or those who travel off road, the Yoki is versatile enough to reduce vines, limbs and small logs to a more manageable and productive size.

Similar to the bush axe, the Yoki functions much the same way, but can be used with either one or two hands and is much less bulky to pack with your outdoor gear.

The Yoki is shaped in a similar fashion to traditional “island-style” machetes, and although the blade is thinner it is incredibly strong due to the use of special alloy steel. And less cutting resistance increases its cutting capacity.

The special Silky patented Genki Rubber hand grip is designed to reduce impact on your hands and absorbs the shock when cutting extremely well. The mono-constructed (one-piece) blade is designed to have no weak points and will keep its edge longer, even with continuous use, but can also be sharpened when necessary. And if you ever need a new the blade, the hand grip peels apart enabling you to remove and replace a new one easily.

Expect the Yoki to be a durable and long-lasting tool, with a blade you can resharpen and a custom fitted carry case.

Although this tool is made from the highest quality Japanese steel, if can still rust if not properly maintained. We recommend you clean the blade and tool after use and then store it away in the nylon carry pouch provided and keep in a moisture-free place.