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Our Affiliate Program financially rewards those who help others discover our products. It's super easy to inspire your friends and followers when you've had a positive experience yourself.

Our hand tools are for life.

They are made well to last well... and we only sell quality because we hate land fill and we hate people blaming their tools. It's just not on.

So it should be easy to spread the word - because you are doing everyone (and the planet) a favour.

Program overview

If you're just getting started in the Affiliate Program, then it's helpful to learn about some of the basics:

Affiliate referral link

After your application is approved, you'll get your affiliate referral link. This link directs visitors to the Silky Store NZ website and includes your unique reference handle so that each new customer you refer can be tracked.

A standard affiliate referral link looks like this:
Where "99" is your unique Affiliate number

How does it work?

Your follower or friend views your social media post or reads your newsletter. You have added a link to the product on the Silky Store website from your post, and your link includes a special code (your Affiliate code) that is unique to you. If the reader clicks on the link and goes on to purchase one (or several) of our products online, the Affiliate software recognises that the sale came via your post or newsletter and allocates your commission to your Affiliate account. Once your Affiliate account reaches a minimum of $NZD50, you will be paid the commission at the beginning of the following month.

Your affiliate referral link includes a 14-day tracking cookie. This means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate referral link posted on your website or social media platform and purchases something, then you will be credited with the commission on this sale as long as the customer purchases within 14 days. Make sure to use this link every time you mention Silky Store NZ in blog content, email campaigns, or through social media posts.

How do I add a link to a post?

1. Login to your account
This will take you to your Affiliatly homepage. It shows the affiliate link which you can embed anywhere on your site. Attach it to a photo, banner or text.

2. Copy your unique Affiliate Link from the "Info" Page Tab. This will track potential customers from your post to The Silky Store NZ home page (see the FAQs for more details about links)

3. Once you have embedded the link on your website by attaching it to a photo, banner or text (copy and paste), make sure you ask potential customers to click on it. After all - you need them to click through to generate your commission.

4. That's it.

Getting paid

The Affiliate software automatically calculates the commission due to you on every sale and credits your Affiliate Account. When you have a minimum of $50 in credits in your Affiliate account, we'll ask you how you'd like to be paid and you'll start to receive payments. You can be paid direct into your nominated bank account.

Credits are paid out on the following schedule:

  • For all credits created between the 1st and the last day of the month (inclusive), payment will occur within 5 business days after the last day of the month.

The total amount of revenue you collect is not limited.

Reporting and affiliate tracking

You can see information about your affiliate campaigns, how many people have clicked on them and how many of those made a purchase, in your Affiliate Dashboard:

  • You will see the number of visits to the Silky Store by potential customers who have clicked on your links
  • You can see how many of those visits convert into sales

A final comment 

We hope this will be a fun and productive adventure that will have lasting benefits for both of us... and like any relationship - the most important thing is communication. Whilst this is all about "spreading the word" - if you are unhappy with anything, or see where we could perhaps do things a little better - then please let us know so we can fix it.  

We will do our best to send you regular material like promotional photographs, interesting blog posts and anything else that will help you generate content to help sell our products. But really - we are hoping you will generate your own content too - photographs and videos of your adventures with our tools ......... like anything in life - you get out what you put in.