Green Valley Gardening

Hamish Murray is a horticulturist who owns and operates Green Valley Gardening - a high quality garden maintenance and management company.

After studying horticulture and working as a gardener in Wellington for a decade he started Green Valley Gardening in 2020, offering high quality garden maintenance with a focus on organic methods.

And he maintains some of Wellington's finest gardens. He uses methods that are safer for the environment and help encourage garden biodiversity. His natural-gardening methodology encourages the development of healthy plants and soil. And with a passion for the environment and sustainability, he uses natural, organic methods as well as battery and hand held tools.

Hamish is passionate about sustainability so he uses the highest quality tools. And that's where the team at Silky Store NZ came in. Hamish says, "Everyone knows they have the best hand and pole-saws on the market, but they also stock some other fantastic gardening hand tools that we use on a daily basis such as the fantastic Okatsune secateurs, snips and topiary shears, Maruyoshi hori hori garden knifes and Castellari loppers. And of course you can't go past a Silky Saw. Anyone that know quality, owns a Silky!"

Thanks Hamish, we love that you love using our tools. And we love what you do.

If anyone wants to find out more about what Hamish does and the methods he uses, get in touch via his website - or follow him on Instagram - @greenvalleygardening