New Additions

From time to time our suppliers and manufacturers introduce and launch new products that we know are going to be special. And we'll add them to our stock list as soon as we have them in New Zealand. This is the list that we think will get you as excited as us. The latest and greatest. What's hot. The new additions...

August 2023 - Silky Zubat Ultimate (Japan)
Another sheath saw in the Zubat range - however this Ultimate option comes with all new GOKAI-ME teeth, that are designed to flush the cut even quicker than a standard Silky - find out more.

August 2023 - Silky Nata Outback (Japan)
Following on from the fantastic Outback range of folding saws, Silky have now introduced the Nata Outback. A must for any outdoor enthusiast that loves a good chopper - find out more.

September 2022 - Campagnola Stark Electric Shear and T-Fox Electric Chainsaw (Italy)
From the people who gave us the award winning Alice Olive Harvester, the all new Campagnola Stark and T-Fox are here! With endless features and benefits, these hand held beauties are incredibly light weight and come with rechargeable batteries ready to take on your whole days work - find out more.

October 2021 - Silky Outback Folding Saw Range (Japan)
This series of folding saws have been designed primarily for the outdoor user and can cut both wood and bone. They feature brand new technology from Silky that will revolutionize the folding saw industry. Available in the pocketboy 170mm, the gomboy 240mm, and the bigboy 360mm, there's one (or two) here that you'll absolutely need to have - find out more

June 2020 - Maruyoshi Hori Hori Garden Knife (Japan)
The 170mm Japanese Hori Hori Garden Knife (referred to as a soil knife or weeding knife) has a heavy serrated multi purpose steel blade for gardening jobs such as digging and cutting. The word Hori means "To Dig" and the tool was originally designed for excavating wild plants and vegetables in the Japanese mountains. This has got to be one of the best garden tools we've ever come across - find out more.

May 2020 - Silky Sugoi 330mm Sheath Saw (Japan)
The Silky Sugoi is a fast cutting, aggressive saw, with extra large teeth designed for cutting through wood with ease - and it's now available in a 330mm length. The Sugoi 330mm is a fantastic evolution of the original 390mm and 420mm saws, and now comes with innovative materials making it ultra lightweight, it has an all new roller locking system inside the sheath, and 5.5 - 6.5 progressive teeth per 30mm which provides an easier and smoother start to the cutting stroke. This is the perfect addition to the Silky Saw family and a saw that we're sure will grow in popularity very quickly - find out more.