Pruning Tools

Pruning Tools

The history of Castellari begins with Giuseppe Castellari opening a small shop in the heart of Imola, Italy, in 1976. From then, many steps were taken to become a structured entrepreneurial reality, and in 1981 the “LI” scissor products with interchangeable blades were started.

In 1985, the first branch cutters were created, which they called the TUCANO. And in 1991 an excavated cavity was produced in the blades which was designed to reduce friction and stress. In 1996 the company started to produce the UNIVERSAL range.

Today, Castellari produces loppers and scissors (secateurs), and also some tools for olive harvesting. Their passion and quality of their products derives from the hot forging of steel and aluminum (the heat treatment of the steel gives a perfect mix of 56 HRC hardness and flexibility), and the robotic drilling and sharpening process. And as with all Castellari tools, the lightweight design, strength & reduced cutting effort allows for continuous pruning of fruit trees, grapevines & kiwifruit. Also, the "L.I." lopper is unique by way of its design, with a special lever cutting action, counter blade operation, and the weight to size ratio.

Castellari draws their technology from the combination of three of Italy’s best smitheries, and this allows them to construct thousands of pieces per day, that are then shipped to all corners of the globe. And each process tries to respect the value of “made in Italy”, which is an integral part of their business choices since the beginning of their history.

Silex Tools have selected and tested a range of Castellari products for sale and distribution.


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