Super Togeru Knife Sharpening Guide
Super Togeru Knife Sharpening Guide
Super Togeru Knife Sharpening Guide


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    High quality knives should always be sharpened on stones, and if sharpened correctly you should have a consistent bevel along the length of the blade. Holding this bevel is the most important and difficult part of knife sharpening, and here's why the TOGERU KNIFE SHARPENING GUIDE is so good. The sharpening guide is a clip that snaps on to the back of your knife so you can work at a constant angle (15°).

    The guide works with great success on knives from approx. 10cm to 20cm in length, but it can be used on longer knives if you move the guide along the blade (or use more than one guide). The clip is made of plastic so that it doesn't scratch the knife, and the part that runs along the sharpening stone is a very smooth hard ceramic material that won't wear easily or gouge a hollow in your stone. The Togeru Knife Sharpening Guide makes sharpening knives faster with less effort.


    • Be careful not to cut yourself when sharpening your knife
    • When you are placing pressure during sharpening, keep your fingers away from the cutting edge of your knife

    Extra Care:

    • Once your knives are sharpened, keep them safe and oil your blades for extra protection. We recommend you use our food safe 100% Pure Camellia Oil


    • Made in Japan

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