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GOMTARO - Professional


  • The SILKY GOMTARO is a beautifully balanced straight pruning saw with sheath available in 4 different varieties - large and fine teeth pruning saw, root cutting saw, and pro-sentei saw (both large and fine teeth on the same blade). 

    The Gomtaro Large and Fine teeth saws come in a range of lengths, designed to suit every pruning need. The fine teeth blade is also great for cutting bamboo.

    The Gomtaro Root Cutter is a beautifully balanced saw, and like all other Silky Saws uniquely combines a high performance blade with a comfortable and durable rubber handle. The chrome plated blade is specially hardened to deal with cutting roots in and around the dirt and ground. ​

    The Gomtaro Pro-Sentei saw is an innovative dual-purpose saw with both fine coarse teeth on one chrome-plated taper-ground blade with non-set impulse-hardened teeth configuration. The advanced designed special SKS-5 high-tech alloy steel blade provides significantly improved cutting efficiency and maintains superior wear resistant cutting edge. Excellent for cutting both small and large branches without having to reach for another saw. 

    When the cutting gets tough, the Gomtaro gets cutting! And with a great combination of the high performance blade and comfortable and durable sure-grip rubber handle that really sticks in your hands, this saw is ideal for all pruning tasks.

    • Large - 8 teeth per 30mm (6.8 teeth per inch)
    • Fine - 13 teeth per 30mm (11 teeth per inch)
    • Root Cutting - 8 teeth per 30 mm (6.8 teeth per inch)
    • Pro Sentei - 8 + 14 teeth per 30mm (6.8 + 11.9 teeth per inch)
    • Low effort triple edge, non-set tooth design
    • Mirai-Me smooth cutting performance
    • Impulse hardened teeth
    • Hard chrome plated, taper ground blade
    • Ultra-strong one piece construction with a non-slip molded rubber handle that really sticks in your hands
    • Heavy duty, durable and specially designed pivoting sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder included
    • Exceptional strength and balance
    • Superior finish quality
    • Made in Japan
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty

  • There are full replacement Gomtaro belt clips, handles, screw sets, sheaths, and blades. Click the spare part link below to be taken to the relevant product option.

    Gomtaro replacement belt clips
    Gomtaro replacement handles

    Gomtaro replacement screw sets
    Gomtaro replacement sheaths
    Gomtaro replacement blades

  • Silky saw technology
    The guide below refers to the numbers of teeth per 30mm on the blade. Each Silky blade is defined as having "Extra Large Teeth" to "Extra Fine Teeth" and the icons below are designed to help you identify the teeth configuration of every saw in the Silky range.

    Silky teeth icon - XL
    Extra Large Teeth

    Typically, this saw will be for use in forestry or heavy-duty arborist work. The teeth configuration will range between 3 and 7 teeth per 30mm and will give a very aggressive cut. In general you will be surprised by the smoothness of the cut.

    silky teeth icon-L
    Large Teeth
    A saw with large teeth will be ideal for use in heavy/medium pruning tasks, root cutting, and construction. The number of teeth will range between 7 and 8 teeth per 30mm. An aggressive and smooth cut will be achieved.


    Silky teeth icon -M
    Medium Teeth

    Ideal for pruning work or construction, a medium teeth configuration usually has 10 teeth per 30mm and will give a cleaner finish when compared to larger teeth saws.

    Silky teeth icon - F
    Fine Teeth

    These saws are likely to be used for gardening and woodworking, and a fine teeth configuration typically comprises of 13 to 20 teeth per 30mm and will achieve a clean finish.
    Silky teeth icon - XF
    Extra Fine Teeth

    These saws will have very fine teeth ideal for woodworking and carpentry, and range between 20 and 32 teeth per 30mm, and a very smooth finish can be expected.​