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This 72ml bottle of 100% PURE CAMELLIA OIL is made in Japan by Kurobara, and is cold pressed by a raw squeezing method of the wild harvested seeds of the Camellia tree flower. Cold pressing is a labour-intensive mechanical process that ensures the maximum possible amount of the oil's character and nutritional content is preserved. 

100% Pure Camellia Oil has been used in Japan for hundreds of years to protect skin and hair... and tools. 

100% pure camellia oil is an Emollient (something that softens skin and hair) and approximately 82% of its fatty acids are composed of Oleic Acid (Omega 9). Omega 9 is a remarkable transdermal carrier and is very effective in enhancing the skin's moisture retention ability. It is quickly absorbed and permeates deep into the lower layers of the skin, promoting cell growth and giving the skin support and flexibility. The other key components of camellia oil include vitamin A, B, and E (tocotrienols), linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and lastly all three omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Here are some reasons this 100% pure version of oil is so good...

Product Features:

Camellia oil is packed full of anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids to fight against the signs of aging. It is naturally rich in vitamin A, which helps to even out your skin tone. In Japan, many people also use camellia oil as a massage oil, which can be especially helpful for the prevention and treatment of sagging cheeks, wrinkles and maintaining elasticity and tone of the skin. The Japanese believe in prevention, not cure, so they use massage techniques regularly to maintain the health and vitality of their skin.

As camellia oil only has a comedogenic rating of 1, it's unlikely to cause acne or make acne prone skin worse. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help soothe inflammation caused by acne, including red and sore skin. Many people with acne have less linoleic acid in their skin. As this is a component of camellia oil, applying it can top up the levels of linoleic acid. And by doing so, acne is less likely to appear.

Overall Body Oil
The antioxidant and fatty acid content of camellia oil makes it a nourishing overall body oil suitable to tend to our areas most vulnerable to become dry or flaky. This is one of the Japanese Camellia oil benefits: the power to boost the skins moisture levels of areas like the elbows, knees and heels. If you apply it as soon as stepping out of the shower when the body is still damp, water will get trapped between the oil and the skin for optimal hydration. Rub gently into the skin until it's absorbed.

Nail and Hand Care
Camellia oil can be used on nails to strengthen and soften dry or brittle nails. Smooth, shiny and healthy-looking nails can be achieved by rubbing a couple of drops into the nails either with a cotton pad or with your hands. This is recommended to do after washing hands with lukewarm water. The hands can also be moisturized by camellia oil. People also often forget about the hands when it comes to looking after the skin, so they are often the first giveaway on someone's age. By giving yourself a hand massage with camellia oil every day, as well as feeling relaxed, you will have perfectly soft, smooth, youthful hands you can elegantly show off to the world.

Beautiful Hair
Commonly used as a hair treatment or leave in conditioner, camellia oil is deeply moisturising and nourishing for healthy, luscious locks. There is a reason why Japanese women are renowned for their shiny, sleek hair, and it's probably because of camellia oil. After washing, camellia oil is carefully rubbed into the ends of hair to offer nourishment with its anti-oxidant power, promoting repair for soft, smooth hair.

Tool Care
100% pure camellia oil is a food safe product and therefore is especially suited for the preservation and protection of kitchen knives. Chefs all over the world will rub 100% pure camellia along their knife blades after use to give that extra bit of protection.

    Silky Saws NZ also import in a version of mixed Camellia and Mineral Oil which is suitable for the protection of your hand tools and blades.

    Made in Japan

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    Marion S.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Real Japanese Geisha oil

    Real Japanese Camellia oil that the Geisha in Japan use to keep their skin beautiful. Love it.

    Yuki O.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Just loving it

    Beautiful oil to use