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O 101

  • These high quality pruners are forged by a unique method from the finest Japanese steel.

    We have three OKATSUNE SECATEURS available, all suitable of cutting branches up to 25mm.

    With a length of 180mm and an approximate weight of only 180g, the Okatsune 101 secateurs are the most compact of the three models and most suited to smaller hands.

    With a length of 200mm and an approximate weight of only 230g, the Okatsune 103 secateurs are the most popular in the range. 

    With a length of 210mm and an approximate weight of only 235g, the Okatsune 104 secateurs are better suited to larger hands.

    The razor sharp blades on all three pruners enable you to effortlessly cut through such things as shrubs, roses, fruit trees, and creepers. They are ideal for general gardening, horticultural, and nursery work.

    NB: For information on how to sharpen your Okatsune Secateurs, please view the guide to the left. 

    • Made in Japan
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers fault warranty

  • There are full replacement parts available. CLICK HERE to view the parts guide.