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    After years of trial and development, the CAMPAGNOLA ALICE electric harvester was designed to 'make your job easier'. Campagnola coupled the most efficient hand-held methods of displacing olives with the finest and most reliable materials available, to bring you the Alice. Using dual combs, specially designed to suit a broad range of varieties, the Alice works by moving each comb in a precise elliptical motion, giving each individual finger its own range of movement. This unique reciprocating motion proves extremely effective at removing olives of numerous varieties and works especially well on unpruned trees.

    As both sets of fingers move in opposing directions, the majority of vibrations normally felt by the operator are cancelled out making the Alice very easy to use for extended periods of time. At 280mm, the thermoplastic fingers will dislodge the most hard to reach olives without removing large amounts of foliage. 

    The Alice is based on a harvesting head, an extension pole, a 12 V electric motor and a cable connected to a power supply unit, the latter being either a car battery or a portable backpack lithium battery (*see below).

    Battery Recommendation:
    We recommend that you purchase a low or deep cycle battery (similar to those used in motor homes and boats), with a minimum output of 120amps/hr. This will ensure you have a battery that will last a full 8 - 10 hour days work.

    If you need more information on the Alice or the battery, please email Silex Tools on 


    • Double movement
    • Teeth/Fingers made of Thermoplastic Resins
    • Ideal for any olive varieties
    • Motor Max Power 350W
    • Speed 1080 - 1150 rpm
    • Voltage 12/58V
    • Power Consumption 3/4 Ah (58V)
    • Weight - R6 (1.5m to 2.2m) 3.38kg
    • Weight - R4 (1.85m to 2.7m) 3.54kg
    • Extension Pole Length - 1.5m - 2.7m (in both aluminium and carbon fibre pole options)
    • Equipped with power saving system to lower battery consumption
    • Comes with a 15m extension cable
    • Battery - you will need to purchase a battery for this unit if you do not already have one (see recommendations above)
    • Spare parts and servicing available
    • Limited 12 month Manufacturers Warranty


    There are full replacement parts available. Click the link below to view the parts guide.