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ELECTRIC HARVESTER - NGR X Quattro Superveloce

NGR-X Quattro SV CF Compact

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  • The AGROTECHNIC NGR X.QUATTRO SUPERVELOCE electric harvester is the brand new olive harvester from Agrotechnic. It is more powerfull, lightweight, and efficient than any other model and has been specifically developed for use with a 12v car battery.

    The Superveloce has a direct drive brushless motor, meaning it has less parts/gears and the motor is virtually noiseless (no gearbox on motor). And the carbon tube and battery kit (standard) mean this machine is an overall more ergonomic and powerful machine.


    • Easy assembly
    • Weight 2.5kg (without cable)
    • Cable length 14m fused with alligator clips for battery use
    • Average consumption 9A @ 12VDC - 2,500RPM (max speed)
    • 4 Dimensional (4D) Vibrating Motion - the free rotation of the semispheres lets it move freely inside the dense branches without damaging the olive tree and olive seeds - the carbon sticks transmit the vibration to the tree dynamically and increase production rate
    • Elastic Bases - the carbon fibre sticks are based on an elasti thermoplastic base, which provides smooth operation and combine elasticity and durability
    • High Power Brushless Electric Motor (12v 1000 Watt) - made from high quality materials, suitable for long continuous operation
    • Speed Control with Micro Adjust - precision adjustment of the motor and head
    • Professional Operation - developed for professional operation with a regular 12v car battery
    • Coverage - 360° spherical coverage around the head
    • Carbon Fibre Sticks - the 32 carbon fibre sticks provide maximum performance in olive trees with dense branches. Due to the small diameter it penetrates easily inside the tree, and the smooth surface of the carbon fibre minimizes friction with the tree branches and improves the movement during operation
    • Initial Length - 2.4m (up to 2.9 - 3.4m with extension)
    • Extension - optional extensions available in 0.5m and 1.0m lengths, making it suitable for the harvest of olive trees over 4m in height
    • Snap-lock interchangeable carbon fibre sticks - they change fast and easy without the need for special tools
    • Ergonomic design - due to the motion with smooth operation and the elastic material of the sticks, it does not transmit vibrations to the operator and is lightweight and very easy to use with it's low center of gravity
    • Limited 24 month manufacturers fault warranty