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CN EVP-Cobra Pro

  • The CAMPAGNOLA COBRA PRO electric shear has been designed and manufactured for utmost versatility in vineyard and stone fruit pruning applications. Lightweight and improved, the Cobra Pro tackles repetitive hard cuts effortlessly, and a new slimline motor has reduced the grip diameter, significantly improving operators comfort.

    Cutting modes are easily selected and blades can be changed on the fly. The slimline battery pack is the perfect balance of weight (at 1.2kg) and power output, to work all day and then some.

    You can rest assure that with  the Cobra Pro you are getting a fast, reliable, versatile, comfortable, easy to use and above all safe pruning solution.

    Cutting Modes:

    Auto100 Mode - 
    The mobile cutting blade opens to its maximum capacity, cutting branches up to 40mm with great speed.

    Auto70 Mode -
    Reduces the cutting capacity to 28mm or 70% of the maximum blade opening.

    Auto40 Mode - 
    Reduces the cutting capacity to 40% of the maximum opening (14mm in diameter) - double tapping the trigger will return to 100% for one cut.

    Manual Mode -
    This progressive cutting mode synchronises the cutting blade movement with pressure exerted on the operating lever. This mode is recommended until the operator is accustomed to using the Cobra or for very precise cutting applications.

    Battery and Backpack - 
    LiPO4 Technology - Campagnola has utilised the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology to power their electronic pruning shears. These batteries are being widely adopted for use in devises that require a safe, sustainable, high power output and long shelf-life such as professional power tools and electric cars. When proper usage and care procedures are followed, LiPO4 batteries are capable of more than 1200 charge and discharge cycles.

    Technical Specifications -

    • Cutting capacity up to 40mm
    • Hand piece weight 840g
    • Battery weight 1.2kg
    • Hand grip diameter is 31mm x 38mm
    • Battery voltage: 58V
    • Battery endurance: 10 hours
    • Battery type - Lithium ion
    • Limited 12 month manufacturers fault warranty