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Simes TT235

  • The Agrifast by Simes TOMATO TRELLISING SYSTEM is an innovative plant staking system for greenhouse crops - it ties the plants onto the twine using galvanised metallic Agrifast V46 staples. This new tool allows a variety of crops to be tied swiftly and simply, making it the most efficient machine available in the market.

    The TomSystem was originally developed for use with tomato plants. However, it was quickly identified that the system was equally effective when used with cucumbers, peppers and aubergines. It provides a variety of benefits to increase productivity and profitability.

    Key advantages and benefis include:
    - No specialized training is required – users can be proficient in the greenhouse within 1 – 2 weeks
    - Clipping is faster (up to 50% more efficient than other traditional methods once proficient)
    - Reduces fatigue on the operator
    - Reduces labour costs by up to 40%
    - The battery will last a full day
    - Clips are healthier on the plant – Tomsystem prevents stem breakage and damage to plants
    - Can hold plants in place in excess of 8kg
    - The V46 clips used in the Tomsystem are biodegradable
    - Limited 12 month manufacturers warranty

    To check out the TomSystem in use take a look at the video link below:

    - New TomSystem V2 

    Technical Information - Agrifast Model TT235 Electronic Fastening Tool:
    Battery - Li-ion
    Range - 8 hours +
    Recharge time - 2 hours
    Backpack weight - 2kg
    Handpiece weight - 1kg

    Technical Information - Agrifast V46 Series Trellising Staples:
    Quantity per box - 6,000
    Maximum clip closure - 22mm
    Clip diameter - 1.39mm

    About the Agrifast by Simes TomSystem:
    The TomSystem was designed by Spanish company Agrifast, a subsidiary of Grupodesa, which is one of Europe’s leading industrial groups in the fastenings sector. Following extensive trials in Holland the original Version 1 model was launched commercially in late 2012. Following further development, and reacting to great feedback from end users, the new TomSystem V 2.0 was released in 2017. The new V 2.0 model is 350gm lighter and more ergonomic then it’s predecessor making it much easier to use.