Brook Sanctuary

With 700 hectares of fenced land, the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary in Nelson enables endangered plants and wildlife to breed and flourish as they did 250 years ago.

The idea of a sanctuary was first considered in 2002, and in 2004 trustees, hardworking volunteers and a small group of staff made the vision a reality. And what they've created is a historic piece of NZ where native birds, reptiles and invertebrates can thrive in the haven they've created.

Inside the sanctuary there are many walking tracks, old bridges, weirs and waterfalls, and plenty of wildlife to see and hear. The visitor centre explains things easily and the friendly volunteer staff will help you out.

Silky Store NZ support the sanctuary by providing tools for track clearing and maintaining, and also for pruning the odd tree branch here and there. Peter Hay, from the sanctuary, had this to say recently. "Since 2005 a small army of volunteers at Nelson's Brook Waimarama Mainland Island Sanctuary, have developed a network of 130 Km of monitoring and visitor walking tracks. Throughout this time Silex Tools / Silky Saws NZ have supported our volunteers’ conservation efforts with very generous financial help in equipping the team with tools. This has enabled us to use the very best gear available for consistently heavy work in serious bush conditions. We predominantly carry Silky Zubat 300mm, plus Ultra Accel and Super Accel foldables and we simply can’t recommend these tools highly enough. The tracks are cut now, but our Silkys are still a delight to use on windthrow and ingrowth clearance and so often save us from hulking heavy chainsaws and gas, chaps, helmets etc for miles.” 

To find out more about the sanctuary - click here.

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