Whio Project

The Eastern Whio Link is a group of people who are leading a conservation project to protect the Whio Blue Duck. They are situated in the upper reaches of the Waioeka Gorge, between Opotiki and Gisborne. The Whio are New Zealand's only endemic mountain duck and one of three riverine duck species worldwide, making them even more rare than some species of our Kiwi.

The Eastern Whio Link was established in 2019 to protect the remaining population of this vulnerable species, and by aiding in their recovery, they are helping to enable a breeding population in the area. Also by significantly reducing the pest population throughout the gorge and surrounding areas, they are not just helping the Whio, but also improving the habitat and reducing the predatory threat for other native bird species as well.

Silky Store NZ are proud to be helping the Eastern Whio LInk by providing tools for their staff to tackle the dense bush in the area.

One of the project co-ordinators, Hamiora Gibson, had this to say recently, "We love using Silky Saws and Okatsune blades on the Eastern Whio Link. The team at Silky have always supplied top quality gear that stays sharp and keeps cutting day in and day out which is perfect for what we do. Being in the remote back country we are in the business of keeping traplines and tracks open. When it comes to cutting windfalls, fern, scrub and vine no other tools quite compare. By having the ability to keep our trap lines open without carrying heavy kit such as chainsaws and scrub bars we are able to move more quickly, cover more ground and protect more Whio habitat. The team at Silky understand the remote nature of our work and are big supporters of the project. Its through busineses like Silky supporting community conservaion initiatives that our wildlife thrives."

If you're keen to know more about the awesome work these guys are doing - click here.


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