Wild Waikawa

Wild Waikawa is a restoration project for a 200-hectare area at the head of Boons Valley, Waikawa, near Picton. And it's all about bringing people and nature together so both can rejuvenate.

The project is headed by Nigel Muir and Mish Clark, and together they have developed a nursery on site and since 2020 have grown 20,000 native plants from seed. They've planted more than 4,000 native plants (including Rimu, Matai, Nikau, Kahikatea and Totara) and they have an extensive pest control program involving 500 traps. They have removed over 1,300 predators from the land already and have also removed thousands of wilding pines and wasp nests. After 3 years of hard work, they're starting to observe more birdsong and emerging seedlings throughout the property and are finally believing in what they're doing.

To find out more about Wild Waikawa and what Nige and Mish are up to - click here.

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